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Welcome to Om Home Organizing. Like the calming meditation sound of OM, I can help you clear your mind by clearing the clutter! My goal is to make your daily life less stressful and hep you spend your time doing what you want instead of searching for things or stressing over the mess.

When you work with me I begin with a one hour free consultation, then we work as closely together as you want to in order to create the space you most want to live and work in!


Complimentary Consultation

You get up to one hour for us to talk about you, your life, and your space.

I get to know you and how you operate day-to-day so we can make your space as functional for YOU as we can. We spend this time brainstorming and discussing solutions as a team. I then provide you with an estimate of the time the project will take. My goal is to make you organized AND happy!


Time Management

Being organized in your life isn't just about your physical stuff. Sometimes we need help knowing why there just never seems to be enough time in the day, or how to find time for the things we enjoy. 


Whole Home Organizing

Any space in your home (or home office) can be organized to make your life more peaceful. Whether it is a junk drawer that makes your day stressful, or a full basement you need to clean out, I can help. We work as closely together as you want to, and no job is too big or too small! 


Office Organizing

When your office is cluttered with files and papers and junk, I am able to help you manage all that so you can focus on your work and your clients.



Moving is a stressful time and trying to find your items in your new home can just be a hassle. Have you ever moved into a new home and found yourself still unpacking months later? Om Home Organizing will help you get everything safely and neatly packed up, and help you get your new home organized for your fresh start!


Corporate Relocations

Just like moving to a new home, moving an office full of people to a new location is a giant undertaking and requires a lot of organization! 

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