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A Busy Summer

Hello to all, I realized just this weekend that my summer got so busy I did not even think about this blog for three whole months! I made a resolution to post once a month here (if not more) and well, that is out the window now. But it's ok. We have to forgive ourselves, give ourselves grace, and keep trying as hard as we can. Just because I missed a few posts does not mean I am going to just stop, right? I will keep posting now that I remember. I can do better about setting reminders. I can recover.

And that's how we should all treat ourselves with organizing too. Sometimes we can feel like we have failed if our homes are messy and disorganized. I will always tell you ABSOLUTELY NOT. We are human, we stumble, we feel tired and overwhelmed, we prioritize people or other things going on and before you know it, three months have passed and you haven't posted a blog, or you let your storage room get crazy. But it's ok. You can ask for help, take a deep breath, and jump back in when you're ready.

Taking care of yourself is so important. And I can never stress the point enough that when your space and your home are calm and decluttered and easy to use and exist in, it makes such a huge difference in your mental health. Start there, and give yourself all the grace you deserve, all the kindness you would give a friend going through a tough time.

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