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HOME Organizing vs. HOUSE Organizing

This month I had the good fortune to sit down with some wonderful business ladies I know and brainstorm how we can succeed and help and support each other. One of the main things I want to focus on is trying to post more videos on my social media. As someone who struggles to maintain social media in general, this may be a struggle, but I will do my very best!

I also had a friend give me a lovely shout out on her social media. I did some organizing for her and she became emotional over getting rid of her son's nursery room curtains. But she made the tough call to have me take them. I then turned those curtains into some throw pillows so she could keep them in an entirely new capacity, and revisit those precious memories.

Which brings me to what I want to write about today. One of the main things I believe that I provide to my clients is an emotional aspect of my work. Sometimes the clutter we have has deep connections, whether through a memory connected to it or a special person we associate it with. I will do my best to find a way to remove clutter but keep those special memories, like with those curtains. That is what makes the difference between organizing a house, and organizing a HOME.

That is what I want to provide to you. To clear the clutter for your peace of mind, and leave you happier than when I started.

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