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Garage Sales are a LOT of work.

So, I missed making a post in April and I did not even realize until we were well into May haha. I set myself a goal to post on my blog monthly this year, minimum. And well, yes I have been doing the minimum, but also it is because I have been keeping very busy (which is a great thing! I love being so well booked!)

But I missed April because I was working AND very busily preparing for the charity garage sale I hold every Spring and Fall. I chose to work with Doberman Underground Rescue - which is a great charity that rescues abused and mistreated dogs and finds them loving homes - for this sale. That meant I actually personally knew some people involved in the charity (my friend and her mom) and so people who worked with DU were also donating items to sell. I ended up with 23 tables! Not even to mention the boxes and tubs under those tables, and the two clothing racks and the patio set... let's say it was a lot of stuff to sort and tag and put out for a four day sale. You can see the photos and videos on my social media. MAN, I could not have done it without the help of the DU volunteers and my friends!

It was an insane amount of work but it was so very worth it in the end, we raised $1500 for charity!! I am so amazed at how well it all went. I even had some very generous people drive from Grand Rapids to bring us a check and shop the sale. I could hardly believe it. I had set a goal of $1000 for the weekend, which I thought was pretty lofty. But we blew past that by the third day and people were giving so generously, it was really just incredibly heart warming and it made me so happy that I am able to support good causes and give back while doing what I love to do. I can hardly believe that I am so lucky. This has been an amazing month full of lots of great work and great results. Here's to many more times like this ahead. :)

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