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A Second Wind

Well, let's start this off by admitting and forgiving myself for not keeping up on blogging for a few weeks. Life (and some depression) gets in the way sometimes. After my last post preparing for the garage sale, I had an out of town wedding weekend and- of course- held the garage sale. I have to say I consider it a success and will likely repeat the sale next year if all goes well. From the in person sales over the weekend we raised almost $300 for puppies and kitties! And I didn't stop there, I listed online some of the items I didn't sell and we've bumped that up to almost $400 now! So exciting! I'll see if I can get that grand total even higher over the next few days.

So, I haven't kept up on blogging and updating as I should. I was very frustrated at the end of April, some road bumps and a slow month of business got me down. Bu we don't have to focus on that, I want to focus instead on what's been going on this week. I had an exchange of services with a friend who does online marketing - she is helping me learn how to market myself on the internet and social media (shout out to True Grit Creative Co.! She is amazing and really knows her stuff!) and I am helping her move into a new (smaller) apartment. After spending time with her I felt a renewed energy. I felt back in my element, like I really can do this after all. With her help I can make my presence online known, and she encouraged me as we worked on unpacking that, YES I am good at this and people need my help. SO LET'S KEEP GOING!

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