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Always Remember the Before Picture!

Entry #3 (Feb 3, 2022)

So here we are in February already. Can you believe it? I have been officially running my business for a month now, and a lot of the time it feels so surreal. Some days I stop and think what this day would be like if I were still working in my previous job/field. And I always, always end that train of thought that I am happy with this choice and this path I am on.

I have said it, but it certainly bears repeating that I am so grateful for the help and advice I have gotten from all the wonderful people around me. I don’t think I would be doing nearly so well so early on without the support I am so fortunate to have. The business-y stuff is tough and has a learning curve, but today I just want to write a bit about the job itself. I have been hired by a handful of people by now, for a wide variety of projects. I have even been hired by a non-friend! (OK, it’s a friend’s mom, but I still count it as word of mouth!) So it has been exciting.

When I am at work on organizing projects, I feel so confident and in my element. I am at peace and honestly so happy. I want to do well for my clients, and that makes me a little nervous sometimes, but I have to remind myself to trust my instincts; that I am innately good at this. After all that is why I started this business. People need my talents and how I see things to make their homes (or other space) peaceful and organized. It is so very satisfying to go into a space that triggers stress and anxiety by it’s look and feel, and end up with a clear, organized oasis.

I have so far organized a basement, a laundry room, a craft room, and many closets (among other spaces). This last week I had to kick myself for forgetting to take a before shot of a disaster of a laundry room! It was such a loss. The homeowner herself said that when I was done “the room felt bigger”! Months of children's clothes had accumulated on the floor and any available surface. When I cleared the floor I made it my goal to provide this busy mother of three as much of a system as I could to keep them from needing to toss things aside. I am not just clearing a space of clutter, I am doing my best to give my clients the tools to keep that peaceful space after I leave.

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