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Creating a business - Where do you start?

Welcome to my blog! As I begin my business, I am writing down some thoughts and progress to help with anxiety and ideas. Read along to see how it has been going for me while building my brand.

Blogging my process

Entry #1 (Dec 8, 2021)

So I have decided to start my own business as a professional organizer. It is exhilarating, terrifying, freeing, and intimidating all at once! I already feel very confident in my ability to organize, talk to people, and actually DO the organizing stuff. However running a business is the terrifying part. I have no idea how to start on that part!

I signed up for a course online which gives access to a textbook and a faculty member for questions- which I have not utilized yet but I plan to. I have not yet gotten any materials on business running in the course materials but I will have many questions when I get there I am sure!

I have done a little research on whether and how to become an LLC - if it is important for me. I don’t think I should sign up just yet, until I have some established processes and I know what I will be doing. But it would provide good legal protection and legitimacy when attracting clients outside my friend circle.

I have wondered the best method of payment from clients:

Venmo? Paypal? Zelle? Square? Cash only? Upfront vs. after services?

I have an accountant friend who would be willing to learn Quickbooks and help me with keeping records. But I also know I should talk to a professional accountant for help at least to get started and to do my taxes, which I think I will have to do quarterly as a small business.

I have thought about starting a website, maybe using Squarespace for something simple: an online presence where I can put photos of my work or videos of some advice.

I have looked at some groups to join with other business owners - EX: Boss ladies or BNI. I definitely think I should have an established business before joining something like that.

And of course I will be asking advice from friends I know who run businesses on how best to proceed. Luckily I have a new friend who just started doing this herself and can give me great advice on how to get going.

However this ends up going, I am very excited that I am taking this chance to bring peace and happiness into my own life, and hopefully bring it to others, too.

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