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Episode 11: Return of the blog

Ok it has been three months since I have written a blog here, oof. Last post was June, and I do want to try and post more regularly, as I have said before (see how well I am doing so far? haha).

July was busy mostly in terms of personal travel. I really enjoy travel when I can afford to do that, and it happened that all my trips were scheduled into this month of the year. I meant to blog about what I was able to do around those trips but exhaustion set in. Travel can be exhausting, as fun as it is! I was able to spend some time up north at a friend's cabin (a very Michigan thing to do), I spent some lovely time in NEW YORK CITY with dear close girlfriends, and I was able to see some beautiful sights in Canada with my family. These were all fantastic experiences and I feel so lucky to be able to live a life that allows me to take these times and travel.

August and September became insanely busy. I will be very interested to see if Autumn is going to continue to be my busy season, as it certainly is in 2022! I was working almost every day for these two months, around getting ready for my charity garage sale as well.

Speaking of the sale, it was my second charity garage sale and it was incredibly successful! I was able to raise $1,000 for ALS of Michigan, which makes me feel so proud and so excited to keep this up in the future as well. I sold a large portion of the items I had out, and I was able to donate the rest that did not sell. It is nice to have my garage back haha.

I am so happy that I was able to be so busy and have so many happy clients in September, but now I am looking forward to October being a little less jam packed. I also have a wedding to attend the end of this month so I plan on being sure to have time to enjoy this happy occasion with friends and loved ones. But I also want to post more blogs here when I am not constantly running around! Let's do this :)

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