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Hit the Ground Running

Well, I have very much neglected this blog, shame on me. I haven't written in almost two months! And boy is July shaping up to be just as busy as June was, I need to keep disciplined to be sure I don't leave my fans hanging haha.

June began quite rough for me, as I finally caught Covid-19. As far as I knew I had avoided it so far, but it got me in the end. I had to stay in bed for 3 days and I had to cancel/postpone all the jobs I had lined up for that 10 days (minimum). Luckily all my clients were very understanding and supportive with the rescheduling.

Once I had recovered and was fit to rejoin the world, I really did hit the ground running! I had all the rescheduled jobs as well as normally scheduled ones. And I have been blessed with an abundance of opportunities this month! Many recommendations and word of mouth business, which I am thrilled about beyond words. I had my frustrations in the spring, but now I am feeling great and barely have the time to get everything done!

I feel so happy to be able to do what I love and keep this going. Thank you to everyone out there, reading this blog, hyping me up, and supporting me with advice and kind words. It means the world and more.

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