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New Year Projects

Well, here we are in 2023. I keep saying time is meaningless, especially since 2020 when it simultaneously feels like it has been five days and fifty years since then.

I am not a person who makes New Years Resolutions in general. I feel like if I want to make a change in my life I will just do that, and I don't need a specific time of year for it. But also this seems like a great time to re-commit to sending out emails and writing blogs for my business. I survived my first year in business, guys! It is amazing to think that I somehow have been doing this as my sole career and income for a full year now! I really hope I can keep this going for years to come. AND I hope to keep these blogs going as well. As long as I have things to say, and I certainly should.

I also want to share a nice new years tip. This can be done anytime, but the new year and the feeling of a fresh beginning is always a good time for me to purge so I use it as my reminder. A nice simple and quick project you should do regularly is clearing out your manuals. We definitely all keep the manuals for our appliances and electronics, right? But then do we always remember to get rid of the manuals we don't need anymore? Something easy you can do once a year, or even every other year, is go through and make sure you're not keeping a bunch of manuals you no longer need. I am working on it myself today! Something you can do in front of your TV or in bed even, like I am!

Happy New Year everyone. Stay organized out there :)

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