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The Learning Curve in Life.

Entry #4 (Feb 18, 2022)

So it has been too long, I haven’t been posting as much as I should be. I feel guilty about that, but I also have to let that guilt go. I am learning, and building this business. I am putting my all into it, and some days my all is less than it is on other days.

This post is on the theme of learning. Over the past few weeks I have hit a hard learning curve. Without details, I have learned some hard ways on work sites how some things need to be done in this business. I have felt ashamed and beaten myself up over the mistakes I have made. Luckily there have not been terrible consequences, and a big plus to working with friends is they know me and my intent and are providing the best constructive feedback. I am forever grateful for this lesson from them, and I know that I need to be more patient with myself as I am just starting out. We always are our own worst critics aren’t we? I need to be forgiving of myself for overlooking some things. I am not perfect, just as nobody is.

I have struggled (and still struggle) with dwelling on the negatives of my accomplishments. It is easy to forget all the good I have done in these spaces after one thing doesn’t work. I need to back up and remind myself that I do know what I am doing, but I am also learning, and to never stop taking in new information as I grow. I will never know everything there is to know, and I accept that life is a learning curve.

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