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Winter is Coming

Oh, did I really just start this with a Game of Thrones reference? And an overused one at that? Oh well, it's TRUE. It is SNOWING out there- in October. This Michigan weather is crazy. It is supposed to be warm and sunny this weekend too. Picture me here just shaking my head at this development.

But winter is hot (cold?) on our heels, and that means the holidays are coming. Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas celebrations! What do these all have in common? Decorations! House parties! Guests! Gifts! And if you are having one of those parties but your home is cluttered and you just haven't found the time or the mental capacity to clear out and get that space organized and ready, then I can help! If you have no idea how to prepare for hosting, whether that means the physical room or writing the checklists and mental prep, I can help! If you can never seem to find all those decorations you just KNOW you have somewhere, or taking them down and putting them away is just a hassle, I can help!

Organizing isn't just about clearing a room or a desk or a garage. It is about making your everyday life simpler, and giving your mind room to breathe and focus on other things in your life.

And one other note about gifts, I am in the process of creating a gift card system I can use, so if you have someone who could really use a professional organizer in their life, you can gift my time to them for the holidays. Stay tuned for this, I hope to announce it officially before Turkey Day.

Happy Halloween everyone, enjoy the spooky season and stay safe while you party!

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